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Metallica, Sepultura, Ghost : Orion Music + More Night 2 - June 24

Had a great time at the Orion Fest. I didn't really like Ghost at the time, I viewed them as posers, but my friend really wanted to check them out, so we did. I wanted to show up later, as I was fuckin slammed hungover from the night before. Ugh man, I feel like shit the next day as I get older. Ghost put on a very solid performance. Had also never seen Sepultura, and was looking forward to that. They didn't disappoint. I know the current version of Sepultura is viewed by many as a "cover band", but I really like Derrick's voice. They had one of the most rowdy crowds of any of the bands had. And finally, Metallica. Was very cool to see The Black Album in full, especially since Europe had been getting the treat for a while. TBA is my least favorite Metallica album, but it still has some great tunes, and I will thrilled to finally see Through The Never and The Struggle Within Live. And as I've said before, I'll say it again; Metallica has the most passionate fans in the world. Met friends I've traded w/ from all over the world at this show. Checking out the stuff at the fest was cool too, like Kirk's Crypt. Man, he has a ton of rare horror movie memorabilila. Incredible the stuff he has. Broke even at the casino's that night, too.

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The Struggle Within
Through the Never + Don't Tread on Me

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