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Originally Posted by hellawaits77ny View Post
And yes, Gary has helped Slayer's sound a bit. When did you see them that they were so sloppy
It was October 22nd, 2010 at the gibson amphitheater in Hollywood. Aahahhaha the only reason i even remember the specific date was because it was on the same day that i quit cold turkey with smoking cigarettes(and i'm proud to say after a good two years I have stayed off that nasty nicotine, especially coming from a hardcore chain smoking chimney of almost a seven years). Not only was it the same day I quit smoking cigarettes, but this was also the last show jeff Hanneman played with Slayer.


hard to believe but this was the very last REAL slayer show that Jeff played in. This was the very last date of the Yagermiester tour with Megadeth, and our show happened to be the last show of the tour... and about a couple weeks later was when news started spreading around that Jeff got fucked up with a spider bite.

So technically I saw Jeff Hannemans last show with slayer. Well...that is until he gets back with the band. Sadly it has been over two years now since jeff has last played with Slayer, and to be honest with you I really doubt he is going to come back anytime. Have you read any of the latest interviews with Kerry lately on Jeff? Sadly it doesn't sound like King is too happy with having him play with the band any time soon, also in all his interviews he's just praising and sucking gary holts dick like he's a guitar god(theres even a little heated interview where kerry king goes on about how jeff hasn't brought anything to the table for the last couple of years, and that Kerry has been the one recording all the guitar/bass parts for the last four/five slayer albums...). Everytime jeff is mentioned all i really hear is that his guitar playing is still really horrible and that he still needs a shitload of rehab and rehabilitation to even think about picking up a guitar pick to play in a live stage...not only that but King seems somewhat irritated when hearing his name. I'll find that blabbermouth interview and PM it to you if you wanna read it. It's pretty intertaining read....king kinda comes off as bit pissed and bitter with jeff....The most shocking part of the interview was when Kerry revealed that he was the only playing and recording all of toms bass and jeff guitar parts in the last four-five slayer realistically we are just hearing Kerry King doing bass and both lead guitars on god hates us all, christ illusion, diablous en music, world painted blood, and Divine intervention... *gulp*

It's too bad because realistically jeff is the one that has made all the all time classic slayer tunes(Postmortem, angel of death, reign in blood, war ensemble, chemical warfare act)...

It's too bad Jeffs playing was so sloppy because I basically saw his last performance with Slayer on their very last date of the yagermiester tour right before he got bit by that spider...

Oh and thanks for the kind words hell awaits. Much appreciated man
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