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This was one of the best concerts I've been to.

Wintersun sounded great live. Really impressed by their live show and passion.

I'm not too sure where you were OP, but I was in the pit area, and moshing/dancing often. I often had girls coming up to me and grabbing my arm to dance during some of Eluveitie's more folky interludes. You were correct in saying that many people came from all over because out of the two women I talked to, one had came from Maryland and another from Virginia.

There were about 3 Wall of Deaths during some of the heavier songs (Meet the Enemy, The Uprising, etc). My favorite song by far was the Siege. That opening riff and Anna's angry death vocals are awesome.

I was the guy that crowd surfed during Tegarnako to be dropped near the front towards the end of the song. I went to the hospital the next morning to find out that my brain was bruised from front to back, and that my brain was bleeding slightly as well. If anyone has video footage of that song id be interested in seeing it.

Totally worth it, however.
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