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Originally Posted by slapguitarer View Post
I know a few people who won't listen to Ghost because the Satanic lyrics.
Me too.

I have to say it has been since the Manson days since I have seen fans undecided on how to accept a bands image. Its not near the level of publicity Manson was at right when Antichrist Superstar was released but its not exactly too far behind that level of publicity either. Ghost's retro late 70's/early 80's hard rock sound is nothing new but there has not been any similar sounding bands at the level of popularity Ghost has acheived in decades. Its makes Ghost's sound refreshing when compared to other known metal, hard rock or core bands. It would not be a big surprise to see Ghost's popularity explode if their new album is good. I could see them reaching the level of popularity as a band like Anthrax, Testament, etc is at this time due to the push their new label is giving them.
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