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Eluveitie -- Millvale, PA -- December 19th, 2012

Full Review

I'm from the MD/VA/DC area and usually hit up shows there. We made the trip up to Pittsburgh to hit up the closest place where WINTERSUN was stopping on this tour.

We got there kinda late to a line to get in, so we only heard 1 song of Varg. It was not remarkable.

Wintersun sounded GREAT and the crowd was very receptive to Jari and co. Jari was grinning and very grateful. There were several pits and high energy all around

I thought Eluveitie sounded a lot better than when I saw them with Children of Bodom recently. They apparently have gotten very big, or there is nothing to do in PA, because the place was PACKED. close to sold out if not really sold out. The crowd also had a pit on nearly every song, and were singing along to pretty much every song as well.
They sounded great, but I was unable to get a good pic of their hurdy gurdy.

Overall worth it to go up and see Wintersun, but I wish they would come around closer next time X_X:

Note on the Eluveitie set- I know they played the Helvetios album and Inis Mona, and the rest I am pretty sure were the same what they played on other stops.


Varg (ended at 7:57)

Wintersun (8:18 - 9:24)
  • When Time Fades Away
  • Sons of Winter and Stars
  • Land of Snow and Sorrow
  • Battle Against Time
  • Death and the Healing
  • Darkness and Frost
  • Time
  • Beyond the Dark Sun
  • Starchild

Eluveitie (9:44 - 11:09)
  • Prologue (intro/recording)
  • Helvetios
  • Luxtos
  • Home
  • Santonian Shores
  • Scorched Earth
  • Meet the Enemy
  • Neverland
  • A Rose for Epona
  • Havoc
  • The Uprising
  • Hope
  • The Siege
  • Alesia
  • Tullianum
  • Uxellodunon
  • Epilogue (outro/recording)
  • ---
  • Otherland (intro/recording)
  • Everything Remains as It Never Was
  • Divico
  • Lament
  • Inis Mona
  • Tegernakô
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