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i am posting this from my xbox, capitalization will likely be absent

5. Napalm Death

maryland death fest
the sonar {baltimore, md}

napalm death? outdoors? super long set? count me in! much like absu, morbid angel, macabre and tsjuder, napalm death was one of the main reasons i was stoked for MDF... especially after missing them every time they have came to seattle! was a bit sceptical at first. grindcore playing outdoors? it sounds rad.. but how will it actually SOUND? well ...amazing. napalm death put on one of the most furocious concerts that i had ever witnessed, and the crowd was absolutely nuts.

not only were they one of my top bands over the weekend, but shane embury was involved in one hell of a facepalm moment. my friend and i were walking to get food and who passes us on the street? none other than shane and 3 asian girls

seeing them at mdf was an absolute honor, and i am very glad i saw them there for the first time, and not here in seattle last month. that show sucked. their sound was panterrible, you could tell they couldnt hear each other on stage, it sucked. but anyways.... napalm death, mdf, fuck yeah.
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