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Originally Posted by christopher View Post
I've been trying to find that Ea album for a while, I really want to listen to it.
You can hear the whole thing here:

Originally Posted by Rocco44 View Post
Looks like I have even more albums to add to my never ending list.

I watch Carson Daly's show and I think they had Fun on before "We Are Young" blew up and I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed them. Very good quality pop band. And then all of a sudden I'm hearing that song everywhere and another good song is partially ruined.

Mgla is quite good although I still need to give it many more listens.
I really haven't heard many pop records as emotional and material-packed as the Fun. record. It's surprisingly so. "Some Nights" and "We Are Young" are all over the radio, but only those two that I've heard (and I only know this because the CD player in my car is only working when the temperature is in the 40s or higher, thus I've had to listen to the radio way too often here recently). There are only two tracks on the album I dislike, but that's not a big deal because a lot of the songs differ wildly in terms of style and influence. Hip-hop and electronic influences are pretty strong, for example, neither of which I really care for.

Originally Posted by dcmetal108 View Post
I also liked that Fun album a lot.

Even though it's played to death I still think "Some Nights" is a phenomenal song.
It is a great song, even though the radio version, which is the version most people know I guess, cuts it. Even though it wasn't really a long song to begin with.

Originally Posted by Natrlhi View Post
What is the meaning of this.
3/12 Pentagram
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