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Cannibal Corpse, Exhumed, Abysmal Dawn - Gainesville, FL : May 3

This worked out perfectly. My girlfriend and I were vacationing in Orlando, and CC was playing just north of there in Gainesville. No-brainer, as tix were cheap, I hadn't seen CC since 2010, and I got to see an area of Florida I hadn't previously. Double Down is a typically dumpy-ish metal bar/venue, but the setup was fairly sweet. They have a large, fenced in area to drink outside the venue. There was also a bar outside w/ TVs, so I was able to watch the NHL playoffs between bands. Suprising how many hockey fans were there, considering this was Florida and all. Abysmal Dawn was solid as they usually are. Don't dig them all that much, but I never mind seeing them as an opener. I will get castrated here, but I'm not the biggest Exhumed fan. They just don't do much for me. But their performance here was good, and they seem to have a really good time on stage. CC killed as they always do. Corpsegriner's wife and children were at the show, so I was suprised to hear some of his usual banter. LOL, he always says some funny shit. At one point, somebody threw an empty can at him onstage and he got PISSED. He said something like "Let me find out who you are, and you won't walk out of here." Was also cool to see songs from Torture for the first time. Also, Alex was wearing the Devourment "She Should Have Said Yes" shirt, which was awesome . Never got around to putting up vids on YT.

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