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Biohazard, Madball, Sworn Enemy, Brick By Brick : Febuary 8 - Poughkeepsie

Not sure if anyone has even been to the wonderful hamlet of downtown Poughkeepsie, but it's gorgeous . This was the 2nd time I had seen Biohazard @ The Chance Theatre, and both crowds were filled w/ bad-ass lookin mofo's. This show had one of the most "intimidating" crowds I'd ever seen at a show. Dude's close to my size everywhere, biker lookin dudes every 5 people, and some dudes that just looked rough. Show started w/ a Brick By Brick, a hardcore band from Albany. They were solid. I'd seen Sworn Enemy several times on this tour w/ Biohazard before, but this was probably their best performance. Lot's of energy from the crowd, which I hadn't seen a whole lot from in the earlier shows. Finally got to see Madball live, and they didn't disappoint. I was suprised how good their lead singer sounds live. And as always, Biohazard was great. Ton's of energy and the place was fucking packed, close to the 1,000 capacity I'd say. Met a couple of guys who had flown from fucking Portland, OR to follow Biohazard around for the work. I'm dedicated to Biohazard, but holy shit, those guys are hardcore. Mad respect. They're actually in a band called Proven, check their Facebook out. The only shitty theing about this trip was the 4 hour drive home. I had drank a few beers earlier in the show, so I had the post-booze sobriety coma going on, man was I tired. Had a to blast a few Monster's on the way home.

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