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Originally Posted by dcmetal108 View Post
They need to push Orton again!
So that would be undeserved push #951 for his boring ass. The only way i'm in favor of another big push from him is if he turns heel and goes back to playing the character he did when he was feuding with Triple H going into wrestlemania a few years ago. That's the one and only time his character was ever interesting at all. The guy is just awful as a face and has done nothing to earn the unbelieveable amount of chances the WWE has given him to make him a mega star. He's very good in the ring but absolute shit on the mic, just like his dad was. I know Orton is only in his early 30s but the guy has nothing left to do. Unless they want to use him to help build up some newer guys I see no purpose for him anymore. He's never going to be the guy for them, though Vince will probably never stop trying to make him the guy even though he's got ten years of proof that Orton will never be that.

As for Cena, i've read some online reports that he's working pretty banged up these days which really shouldn't come as a surprise. Supposedly his run as a full time performer will be coming to an end in the near future.
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