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Originally Posted by KillerCannabis View Post
Were you the dude air soloing like a madman on the rail in the center of the pit?

If so, yea, you were a fucking lunatic.
Yes that was me. I love the fact that your description of me is very spot on. Especially the part about the air guitar soloing in the center of the rail which is exactly where I was at for the entire show. I was easily the craziest most outrages person in that crowed, hell at the show. I got a lot of props after show from random people at the merch booth for going all out the way I did at last nights shows. Like I said in my review; I seriously have not head banged or thrashed this fucking hard at a metal show since the time I saw Judas Priest during their epitaph tour which was about a year ago.

Originally Posted by KillerCannabis View Post
man, the place was a ghost town. Chalk it up to Xmas season and them having played in L.A. the night before, but I was shocked at how dead it was.
Serious shit!!! During Goatwhore it was more empty and quiet than a fucking desert, and by the time High on Fire came on there was probably no more than maybe 60-70 people in the crowed.

Too bad we didn't have a meet up! Would have been cool to meet you man! What were you wearing? Maybe I spotted you at the show. I was the tall skinny persian guy with the Weedeater shirt(GOING APE SHIT on the rail)

On a side note; I also forgot to mention in my review that the venue was colder than a brick of ice. Jesus christ my body was going so numb that by the middle of corrosion of conformity's set I could feel my arms, legs and face getting seriously got to the point where i had to stick and tuck my arms inside my shirt...IT WAS THAT BAD...But then again you(killercannibus) were at this show as well so you would know what i'm talking about.... Luckily all that cold/numbiness went away once I started sweating like a mad man while going fucking crazy to High on was as if a heat wave of stoner metal bliss just took over me and the cold numbing feeling just went away like that.
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