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Originally Posted by energymetal14 View Post

Bill: Eluveitie, Wintersun, Varg
Venue: Royale
City: Boston, MA
Date: Friday, December 21, 2012

This was my final show of 2012, and not a bad way to end this year of amazing shows. The first Wintersun US tour, I had to be there. And on the last day of the world and the winter solstice. Good stuff.

First up was Varg. I got there not long after the doors opened, and they had started already. There was a club night after the show, so it had to end real early. Varg was pretty boring actually, nothing special at all. I couldn't get into them.

This venue was pretty nice, but in an actually nice way. Glass chandeliers all around, elaborate decor, couches. It really was just a metal show in a kind of trensy nightclub. Sound and stage and everything were fine, and the show as still great, but it felt weird. Plus there was a raised dance floor at the front of the stage, so hopefully nobody fell off that and hurt themselves.

Wintersun was the band I was most there to see, since I had been listening to them longest and had seen Eluveitie already. They were all I could have hoped for. The old and new songs sounded amazing, and the band put on a great performance. The crowd was really into them, as I expected them to be. I dodn't really mosh or anything, but I was pretty close and was in awe the whole time. They played a little over an hour, and I just loved their set.

Eluveitie was headlining, and they were playing their full album in its entirety. I had seen them before, and liked them a lot, so I didn't really go all out this time around. I like what I had heard from the new album, but hadn't really had a lot of time to get to know the songs. I watched them from the balcony, since a couple friends I was with (not really metalheads, just wanted to go to a metal show with me ) wanted to chill out. That was fine though, since I got a full view of the stage and the crowd. They put on a fun performance, and the new songs sounded really good live. Great show all around!
Glad to hear it was a good show! The Royale is definitely a very strange, upscale venue and having metal shows is probably a bad idea with the elevated dance floor lol. The two shows I've been to there weren't metal, but I hope to see Every Time I Die there in March so I will find out just how bad of an idea it is to have metal shows there.
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