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Originally Posted by adamclark52 View Post
Weither you like him or not, Cena's time is up. And that's what comes with carrying the company for so long. He doesn't let it on but I bet his body is a complete wreck after going steady for almost ten years. I bet he's exempt from the Wellness Policy as well.

They have to get on finding a new face SOON. Because if he keeps going at the rate he is now he will just crash hard one day and they'll be fucked. But the problem is that they've waited so long and depended on him for so long while they should have spent the last three years building someone. Now they just throw people like Ryback at the crowd, expect the crowd to love them and it doesn't work out long-term.
Smarks have been saying Cena's time is up since 2006. WWE "threatened" a heel-turn in the build up to Wrestlemania but of course that went nowhere.
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