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Top 10 Concerts (or performances) of 2012


Deicide, Jungle Rot
- March 4 : Montreal

Had never really checked out JR before this show, and was very pleasently suprised at how much I enjoyed them. They were great live, I like their mixture of thrash, death, and even a mix of hardcore. Makes them fairly unique IMO. Plus, I met their lead singer, seemed like a very nice guy, and was pleased as punched when he found out we were going to film. LOL, I still gotta give them the BD. I'm so slow w/ that shit.

Was nervous after JR finished, as my buddy had found out that Glen had some extreme voice issues at their show in NYC the night before, and it had been over 30 minutes since JR ended, and we had yet to see Glen. Then no sooner did he tell me that, than did I see Glen walk out of the locker room, hammered, look down from the balcony and say "Look at these fuckin Canadians." They were on stage about 10 minutes later. Show wasn't as good as their 2011 MTL show, but it was still a great one. Glen playfully ripped on Canada several times, crowd was into it, and it was a soild setlist.

Jungle Rot
Rise Up and Revolt

Blame It On God
When Satan Rules His World
Sacrificial Suicide + Lunatic of God's Creation

08/30: Bane and tour (?)
10/15: Soilwork, Decapitated (?)
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