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Ematoma - Albany, NY : January 15

You're all thinking "Who the hell is Ematoma?" Same thing I said to myself when I saw these guys were opening for Biohazard in Albany. Bogie's always has a bunch of local opening bands for seemingly every show. Some of good, but the majority are local, and stay local, for a reason. The first band my Pops and I saw were another local band (their name slips my mind, maybe Dolabra?), they were actually decent. Then these assholes came on. Ugh, they were awful. Awful enough to where I'm including a local band noone here has ever heard of in this list. They played a very generic metalcore, the kind where every song sounds the same even in the studio version. Vocals were low, drums were low, just sounded awful. And the lead singer was a moron. He was hammered, and he kept telling people to "fuck each other up." Yeah, you're cool, bub. The sound/lights dudes told them when they had one song left. So they played their song, then another. Venue actually let them play another. They then tried to play ANOTHER song, to which the venue said fuck you, and shut them off 15 seconds into the song. The crowd cheered. Not for the band, but for the venue kicking their pathetic asses off stage.

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