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Hellawaits77's Half-Assed End o' The Year Thread #2

Another half-assed end of the year thread by yours truly. I don't listen to nearly as many albums as many of you. I don't see how some of you have the time (or patience, for that matter), to listen to upwards of 60-70+ albums a year. I enjoy my life too much to masturbate at my computer, listen to new album, repeat 137 times. I got around to 25ish albums. There were plenty of new albums this year where I checked out a song or 2 based on advice here, but I don't count that as listening to a whole album. Some great albums this year, some bad albums this year.

Will also chat about the top (and worst) concerts I attended this year. I only attended 15 shows this year, down from a year ago. Many bands seem to skip Canada nowadays, presumably due to the ridiculous border issues. Also, most shows in Canada are not cheap. I.E., as much as I like The Acacia Strain, I'm not paying $30 to see them, plus gas + parking. Startin' to get bad up there. So here goes...........

08/30: Bane and tour (?)
10/15: Soilwork, Decapitated (?)
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