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Originally Posted by idrinkwine732 View Post
Will need that expansion, actually. Think my Thursday ticket got lost in my move...

Originally Posted by MDF's Facebook Page
December 19, 2012

As we said last month, we expected to have an answer sometime in December regarding the possibility of releasing more tickets for the Thursday show at the former Sonar compound. Well, the answer is YES, we will be releasing more, including a small amount of 4 day passes (for former Sonar compound only). These tickets will go on sale on January 15th at 12 pm (EST).

The stage ar...rangement we'll be using will allow for a larger capacity on Thursday, but will still serve as the "inside" stage with an intimate feel. This same stage arrangement will likely be used for the remainder of the weekend, as we feel like the main room everyone has been used to for years is becoming too small for certain bands, and some of the recent renovations in that room are not designed for what we're used to working with. In the coming months, we'll go into more detail about how things will be set up next year. For now, just know to converge at the location below in the city of Baltimore, USA:

407 E. Saratoga St, former Sonar compound
124 Market Pl, Baltimore SoundstageSee More

Hoping against all hope I can get a ticket this time. I need to see Cobalt, UFOmammut and Bolt Thrower.

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