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Originally Posted by pantera1115 View Post
Oh im well aware of the back history of the mass metal scene(at least as far as bands from late 90s eairly 2000s go) I just feel like the palladium is the definitive venue to see metal shows in mass, and to me its just as much a home to those bands as pearl street.(probably more) So its not just the size of the venue, but also the fact that this show belonged at the palladium.(at least in my mind) But I saw those vids on youtube already, came out really good, but of course most internet vids never do justice to the show, but good stuff regardless. Couldn't find any vids of their intro, or numbered days tho, do you have any?
Palladium booking is good which brings in alot of shows for the past 20yrs there, most of the smaller tours do end up there, The venue is ok. Its awesome to film a DVD at but the people that work there are awful, rude, ignorant. I try to avoid that venue when possible. Just my opinion.

Yes videos don't usually capture the intensity of the show, band, crowd. But when i run at least 2 cams, I tend to capture as much as i can, but there was no way i was going up front in that venue, shaky cams don't look appealing.

I did fill the complete show as described, I only upload select few from each show i film, which i uploaded more than i usually do as this was a hometown event. I've filmed kse just about everytime they've been in the area, here's a clip from Tresspass tour @ House of Blues in Boston which is an awesome venue.
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