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1. Turn Up The Night(Black Sabbath)
2. Over The Mountain(Ozzy)
3. Where Eagles Dare(Iron Maiden)
4. Rock N Roll Children(Dio)
5. Rapid Fire(Judas Priest)
6. Politics Of Ecstasy(Nevermore)
7. My Demise(Shadows Fall)
8. I voyager(Nevermore)
9. Life And Death(Iced Earth)
10. The Seed(Down)
11. Learning To Live(Dream Theater)
12. Eye Of The Beholder(Metallica)
13. Blood Brothers(Iron Maiden)
14. So(Fates Warning)
15. Take Hold Of The Flame(Queensryche)
16. Blind Faith(Shadows Fall)
17. Slaves & Bulldozers(Soundgarden)
18. Into The Void(Black Sabbath)
19. We Rock(Dio)
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