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Originally Posted by Rocco44 View Post
Cool thread. I know the obvious has been pointed out, but holy shit that's a lot of albums.

I love seeing someone who listens to basically every style of heavy music and doesn't worry about how popular or cool something is.

I'm not a big Devy fan but I enjoyed Epicloud quite a bit. Enjoyed it much more than his last few albums.
That is the best part of this thread and one of the best compliments I could ever receive. I honestly could not care less about being popular or trendy or Hip. I was a loser in High school and afterwards I just kept doing my thing and somehow have been able to make it work. I know some people here don't like me and that's cool. Not everyone is suppose to be liked by everyone. I just like being me and enjoying the music I like, all while discovering new music to share. I'm happy to help anyone discover new music that may not have heard otherwise. It's the best part of my job.

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