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Originally Posted by TripKore View Post
The wife and I were also there last night. You could have talked to Jesse if you went to the bar across the street before the show and had a few beers with him and the other guys lol. Even tho Palladium is bigger, Pearl St. venue is home to Shadows Fall/All That Remains/Killswitch Engage and others started out there as well as other small venues in and around Springfield area. I too drove a little more 2hrs to go there, again well worth it and cheap tickets. And hell yeah the wall of people trying to get inside the floor was horrible! Promoter/venue were deff trying to get every last dollar haha.

Also I filmed the complete show of both SF/KSE... here's some videos


Enjoy, Happy Holidays!
Oh im well aware of the back history of the mass metal scene(at least as far as bands from late 90s eairly 2000s go) I just feel like the palladium is the definitive venue to see metal shows in mass, and to me its just as much a home to those bands as pearl street.(probably more) So its not just the size of the venue, but also the fact that this show belonged at the palladium.(at least in my mind) But I saw those vids on youtube already, came out really good, but of course most internet vids never do justice to the show, but good stuff regardless. Couldn't find any vids of their intro, or numbered days tho, do you have any?

p.s. happy holidays/merry xmas

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i went to this show in Brooklyn on Sunday. they destroyed just like you said. The singalongs were the defining part of the show for me as well. SO loud and clear on almost EVERY lyric. what a night. glad these dudes are back with Jesse, glad i got to hear their first record, and cant wait for new material.

Yeah its always like that with them. Very few bands that can match. and you do know theres a record before alive or just breathing right? lol

Originally Posted by tenchimyo View Post
you sound PUMPED. This is def getting me hyped for next week's show. Cool review, man
Thanks man, much appreciated. I defiantly was pumped about this show, let me know what you think about em.

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17.Take This Oath
19.In The Unblind


Not fair. Not fucking fair.

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Holy shit,

In the Unblind! Jelly.
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