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Glam set:
1.Raise Your Hands (Bon Jovi)
2.Overnight Sensation (FireHouse)
3.Talk Dirty To Me (Poison)
4.Animal (Def Leppard)
5.Feed My Frankenstein (Alice Cooper)
6.Gypsy Road (Cinderella)
7.After The Rain (Nelson)
8.Bad Boys (Whitesnake)
9.The Legacy (Black Veil Brides)
10.Coming Of Age (Damn Yankees)
11.Get The Funk Out (Extreme)
12.Blow My Fuse (Kix)
13.Hungry (White Lion)
14.Way Cool Jr. (Ratt)
15.Rockin' All Night (Blessed By A Broken Heart)
16.Don't Cry (Guns N' Roses)
17.Big Talk (Warrant)
18.I Don't Believe In Love (Queensryche,I KNOW they are not glam,but since they where in this decade I thought I might as well throw this in)
19.Time To Surrender (Winger)
20.Makin' A Mess (Skid Row)
21.Four In The Morning (I Can't Take Anymore) (Night Ranger)
22.Hide Your Heart (KISS)
23.Keep On Dreaming (H.e.a.t)
24.Love Walks In (Van Halen)
25.Same Ol' Situation (S.O.S) (Motley Crue)
26.Born To Rock (Reckless Love)
27.Love Me (Tesla) (Again,I know they are not a hair band,but threw this is in for the same reason as Queensryche)
28.Everything About You (Ugly Kid Joe)
29.One Step From Paradise (Danger,Danger)
30.Generation Wild (Crashdiet)

roughly two hours and a half
6/28 - Def Leppard/Styx/Tesla
8/29 - Rick Springfield/Loverboy/The Romantics
8/30 - Motley Crue
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