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Originally Posted by PowerMaiden View Post
Oh yeah, and as far as a live album from this tour do you have this bootleg?:

18.11.06 Stockholm Globen Stockholm, Sweden ?

it's a radio broadcast so apart from the fact that you have the commentators chat a bit between songs (which I find add some charm into it) this bootleg is almost as good as any live recordings they made.

P.S. If you don't have it send me your address by PM I'll send it to you buddy

Cheers !
I've heard parts of it on Youtube and the quality is really good. PM sent.

Originally Posted by Force10 View Post
You touched on the problem I had with the setlist - it was a blur. The album had not yet really "sunk in". The other full album shows I've seen recently (Rush and Moving Pictures and Megadeth with Countdown) were albums that are tattooed in my brain, and I found those to be very enjoyable to hear live straight through. Plus AMOLAD clocks in at over 1:10 - that's a long time to dedicate to one album with their large catalog. But the end it pissed off Eddie Trunk so it's all good!
I'll admit that it was tough to be really familiar with the album after only a month or so. I was definitely at a loss for some of the lyrics at the show.

The other issue is that I've found a few of the songs, like The Legacy, lose a bit of power live because the slight changes in the tempo change the whole feel of the song. While it's great live, it is better on the album. I felt the same way about the verses on The Longest Day, the faster tempo actually lessens the power of the song by a little bit. Maybe I'm just a fanboy but I think that speaks to the complexity of the album when such small changes can alter the vibe in a noticeable way.

Originally Posted by JRA View Post
I just realized that with En Vivo being from TFF tour...yea, the reason there is no live album is because they definitely realized playing the whole album live was a mistake.
More like the Live After Death DVD and SBIT stole the thunder and took the kairotic moment away from a possible AMOLAD live release. They were still touring behind it in the summer of 2007 and I know Donington 2007 was professionally recorded and supposedly has already been mixed and everything.

You can check it out here on Shirley's official site:

Shit, it looks like the thing is in the can and ready to go. But Maiden announced the release of LAD (and Maiden England actually) and the SBIT tour sometime in late 07 / early 08, thus taking away the momentum from the Donington release. My guess (and that of many on the official Maiden forum) is that the release will be held over until the band retires and then released as a way to keep the cash flowing. However, many have noted that Donington 07 was not their best performance and I personally don't want something from the 2007 leg, they only played half the album on that leg and a bunch of boring hits (although Children of the Damned was a nice addition). An indoor show from 2006 with the full album really should be released. Hell there's already a great potential title, A Matter of Live and Death.

Originally Posted by GarageMetal468 View Post
I actually do have an AMOLAD album cover shirt in medium. Message me if you want!
PM sent!
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