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I was there as well. Me and a buddy had a 10 hour drive from North Carolina. We stopped over on the way and crashed at my in-laws house in Maryland. We then met up with my brother who lives close to Camden, and crashed with him post show, then the full drive back.
We stayed in the lobby and drank beers during all of BFMV. Good to know I didn't miss much.
Our seats weren't great - center most of the way back.

Originally Posted by IrritatedTrout View Post
I almost have no memory at all of tracks like The Pilgrim and Benjamin Breeg. It just became on big, extremely enjoyable blur.
You touched on the problem I had with the setlist - it was a blur. The album had not yet really "sunk in". The other full album shows I've seen recently (Rush and Moving Pictures and Megadeth with Countdown) were albums that are tattooed in my brain, and I found those to be very enjoyable to hear live straight through. Plus AMOLAD clocks in at over 1:10 - that's a long time to dedicate to one album with their large catalog. But the end it pissed off Eddie Trunk so it's all good!
Sept 8 - Evergrey
Sept 11 - Van Halen
Oct 15 - Overkill / Symphony X
Nov 17 - Exodus
Dec 5 - Kix

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