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I was there too, made what was supposedly a 7 hours drive (that became 9 because of customs & trafic)

My first of 3 times seiing the AMOLAD tour, definately the worst of the 3 mainly because of the crowd. It was pathetic, screaming ''Play Classics'' and shit like that, I always knew american crowds were not as enthusiastic as Canadian ones but that was just terrible. It's pretty rare that a lame crowd can affect my fun at a gig but it almost happened there (and a few more time in the states unfortunately...)

anyway I was 5 th row in the front in the seats (there was such a small pit) and having the time of my life like always, Maiden are always on top of their game even though technical problems\crowd not into it that much\first few gigs of a tour rust (like it happen that time), but they are always waaaaay better than any other fucking band live.

Funny when I met Davey in Québec city 2 days later I told him about the tank that didn't came out we were laughing about it.

Up The Irons !

Cheers !
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