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Job For a Cowboy -- Frederick, MD -- December 18th, 2012

Full Revew

Got there to hear the last song of Allageon (don't recall how it sounded, just loud).

I Declare War (horrible name) was on next. They sounded heavy (good), but their songs were unremarkable and there was karate in the pit (BAD.). I was not into them, but they got the crowd moving. No idea what they played, vocalist was shouting angrily the whole time.

Cephalic Carnage was better than the CD I heard of theirs years ago which I thought was just noise. Not going to make me go and get more of their music, but I was pleasantly surprised. Vocals were unremarkable, but the energy was good. Vocalist called Frederick 'Baltimore' (which is really different).

Job For a Cowboy (yet another horrible name), whom I was there for (and had a free ticket for) finally came on and sounded very good. I apparently am not a huge fan as I didn't instantly recognize any of the songs (but they sounded good), until the vocalist shouted about the last song. FAIL. Well, regardless, I thought they were pretty good- they carried a nice energy, tho the guitar solo parts coulda been pumped up a bit more in the mix. Crowd got moving pretty good for them.

I think this was the last stop on the tour. I didn't think any of the JFAC merch was great, but got an Allageon shirt/CD combo (Anubis powerslave design).

I stopped listening to Cephalic Carnage around 10:30 but I know they played a couple more songs. sorry :/

JFAC was unintelligible for lyrics except for '...masturbation,' so the set seemed like it was the same as previous dates ( and this site), so if anyone else was tehre for corrections, please do tell :3

Cephalic Carnage (10:08- 10:something)

  • ?
  • Warbots A.M.
  • Divination & Violation
  • kill for weed
  • raped by an orb
  • P.G.A.D.
  • Endless Cycle of Violence
  • ?
  • ?

Job For A Cowboy (11:15- 12:10)
  • Entombment of a Machine
  • Embedded
  • Imperium Wolves
  • Ruination
  • Unfurling a Darkened Gospel
  • Children of Deceit
  • Tarnished Gluttony
  • Regurgitated Disinformation
  • Knee Deep
  • Star Spangled Banner Interlude
  • Constitutional Masturbation
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