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Thumbs up Killswitch Engage -- Northampton, MA -- December 19th, 2012

As the last, and quite possibly best show of the year(for me) I figured I must do a review, especially considering how special a show this was for myself, given my long history as a huge fan of the band. I drove roughly 3 hours to be at the Pearl Street Nightclub for this show, and it was worth every mile of it. I went with my girlfriend, and my best bud, and we stopped to pick up another friend of ours, who attends collage about 15min from the venue. We hung out in his dorm for a short time, then headed off to the show.

We arrived a couple of songs into Acaro's set(who sounded awesome btw) and as soon as we got up the stairs, we hit a wall of people. The place was so uncomfortably packed it was almost unbearable. I was sweating bullets just trying to navigate through the crowd, it frustrating actually I mean iv been to plenty of over packed shows but this was ridiculous. Anyways first thing I did was pick up a couple of shirts, one from KSE, and one from SF. I really wanted an art of balances shirt but they only had up to large, so my fatass settled for a "the war within" one. Then began our frustrating journey to a decent spot. My girlfriend and I were able to find sanctuary in a corner by an exit, and awaited shadows fall to start.

My girlfriend as awesome as she is, kindly held on to my crap as I made my way towards the pit, and began the hunt for my friends, who I found as Shadows fall took the stage. They sounded fantastic, but the crowd energy was kinda disappointing. There was a pit and whatnot but it was very tame, and drunk. People were into it but I just expected more from a MA crowd given the fact that the band is from MA. For some reason Shadows Fall seem to have declined big time in terms of popularity, and I for one don't understand it at all, as they have consistently put out great albums. Their set was great though, and it was nice to see them play destroyer of senses, and the idiot box, witch I honestly cant recall the last time I heard those live. It was also their Jason bitner's first show back behind the kit since getting sick(I cant recal what he had off the top of my head) and that was a sweet surprise as well.

Shadows Fall 9/10:
1.The Light That Blinds
2.The Idiot Box
3.Weight of The World
4.King of Nothing
5.Still I Rise
6.Destroyer of Senses
7.Divide and Conquer

Finally I waited with my girlfriend for KSE to start then I made my way back into the crowd(witch was not easy). When the lights went out all the energy that seemed absent during shadows fall suddenly came bursting out from the crowd. Everyone was chanting Killswitch, as the band stepped on stage, and the first thing you hear is the intro to a bid farewell. From that point on the crowd slams forward, in attempts to get closer. For the first 5 songs or so I couldn't hear anything besides the crowd singing. This has always been one of my favorite things about seeing this band live, their sing alongs are defining. I collided heads with someone in the pit during numbered days(or self revolution i forget witch) and ended up seeing double for a while, but I stuck it out till they played the element of one, when I decided to go watch the rest of the show with my girlfriend. It was funny when the first thing outta Adams moth was, "HOLY SHIT....GUESS WE SHOULDA GOT A BIGGER VENUE" witch was met with lots of chearing, as everyone was clearly thinking the same thing. Now from the setlists iv seen they were supposed to stop playing after the end of heartache but due to either people refusing to leave, or just because they were home(or both) they came out and played 3 more songs 2 of witch id never heard live before. It was so awesome seeing them play that album start to finish, its something I used to wish for but I never thought would actually happen. I defiantly got chills during many of their songs, especially the ones they haven't played in years. Adam was hilarious as usual, saying things like "HEY WAIT A SECOND....YOUR NOT BLACK" (referring to jesse replacing howard) This is a band I will see again and again, because it never gets old for me.

Killswitch Engage 10/10:
1.A Bid Farewell
2.Rose of Sharyn


3.Numbered Days
4.Self Revolution
5.Fixation On The Darkness
6.My Last Serenade
7.Life To Lifeless
8.Just Barely Breathing
9.To The Sons of Man
10.Temple From The Within
11.Vide Infra
12.The Element of One
13.Without a Name
14.Rise Inside

15.My Curse
16.The End of Heartache

17.Take This Oath
19.In The Unblind

After the show while we were waiting around I was able to talk to the singer from Acaro, and Brian Fair from Shadows Fall who signed a copy of The Art of Balances for me(one of my favorite/first metal albums) Iv talked to them both before, and are super chill dudes. I was really hoping to talk to Jesse but I had the privilege of talking to him for about an hour, at a seemless show years back, so I decided fuck waiting, and headed out to start our 3 hour car ride back home. Everyone I was with really enjoyed the show, only complaint witch seems to be unanimous, was this show should of been in worcester, at the palladium. Was not a huge fan of this venue, although it didn't take anything away from the bands themselves it was it was just too much of a cluster fuck, and alot of the people who were there were kinda assholes, witch isnt something id ever complain about at a KSE show, they always seem to attract chill people. It wasn't too bad but defiantly noticeable. Just seems to be the trend with that particular venue. My friend told me he actually had to stop some dude from beating up his girlfriend(talk about a buzz kill eh) witch thankfully I didnt hear about until after the show. Also I would love to know whos bright idea it was to allow glass bear bottles instead of plastic like most venues. All I could hear was the sound of glass breaking all night long, it sounded like death, I was just waiting to get hit with one. Anyways killer show, and I cant wait to see them again when they release their new album next year.
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