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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
Yeah, as a person he does come off as a piece of shit. Then again, he might just be playing the role of a villian for the cameras to create some buzz.

If I was Vince I would've told Lesnar if he was gonna sign a one year, 5 million dollar contract with me, that he would be working the entire year for me full time. If Brock didn't like it, then he can say goodbye to that 5 million bucks. There's no way i'm paying someone that much and only using him for 30 apperances. I know Triple H didn't negociate this contract, i'm sure it was Vince or John Lauranitis who did it because the whole deal just reeks of someone who is out of touch and has no clue what they're doing anymore.

I doubt even Triple H, HBK or Taker ever made that much for any contract they signed. Once you factor in merch sales, i'm sure they came close to clearing that in a year sometimes. But as the base salary? I doubt it. The only guys who've probably ever made that much in a year for the WWE are Hogan, Austin, Rock and Cena.
The way he left in 2004 he has no right to make any demands.
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