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Hooded Menace - Effigies of Evil

I was kind of skeptical about this album when they released the artwork... Totally different from the first two, as well as the inverted cross dropped from the logo (which honestly looked really cool). I was scared they were gonna go in a totally different direction, but thankfully I was proven wrong. Fulfill the Curse is one awesome death/doom album with one of the most creepy atmospheres ever, so it would be hard to top that. In my opinion, they didn't with Effigies of Evil, but they sure did come close. They didn't change their sound one bit and the heaviness, incredibly low vocals, and the crushing killer riffs are still there. Hooded Menace are fucking great at what they do, and they continue to prove it on this album!

Effigies of Evil (drum cam, again, hard to find songs alone on youtube)
Crumbling Insanity
Evoken Vulgarity
__________________ - 2015 available for download (name your price)
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