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Originally Posted by dcmetal108 View Post
I know everyone from ECW when it collapsed is still owed money. I remember Dreamer saying he ended up going like a year without getting payed while paying out of pocket just hoping that the company would pick itself back up.

If only they'd of known Heyman was screwing them over.

Honestly I don't think many of them like him anymore because of it. I don't think most of the ECW guys talk to him at all. I know like Rhyno and The Franchise hate him.
I don't believe Heyman intentionally screwed anyone over. He wanted to handle everything himself and never hired anyone to take care of the money in ECW. So, he ended up mismanaging it and that's one of the reasons it closed. It also didn't help that he lost a guy like Taz, who was making a shit ton of money for him in merch sales. Losing the Dudleys and RVD being out for so long with his leg injury while TV champ helped in the demise to. Taz and RVD were ECW's two biggest draws and without them the company just couldn't stay afloat.

Like they said on the DVD, getting a national TV deal didn't help because they had to tone down the product to appeal to a wider audience. Which in turn caused ECW to lose that special appeal they had. I'm not even gonna get into the horrible decision making Heyman made when he had guys like Mike Awesome and Steve Corino as world champions. Awesome was a very good and impressive worker for a man of his size, but he didn't have that charisma and drawing power a Taz or RVD had for them. Steve Carino was just awful and was nowhere near ready for that spot and had absloutely zero appeal to the ECW audience. There were several factors that brought on the death of ECW, but the mismanagement of the companies money was probably the biggest one. But when Heyman lost his draws to the competition it's hard to make up that financial loss when he didn't have guys built up to take over the spots left opened.

As far as people hating Heyman, I don't know about that. I don't recall ever reading or hearing too much on that subject. He always seems like one of those guys that almost gets universally priased by anyone who worked for or was associated with him.

Originally Posted by hinder5050 View Post
I have heard Brock has told WWE he has no problem with working with guys to get them over
I hope you don't believe that, I sure as hell don't. Brock has been under contract for about 8 months now and he's only worked two matches. Those matches were against two guys who are massively over already and certainly don't need any rub from Lesnar to help with that. If he had worked with guys like Punk, Sheamus and Bryan I could see that being true. Sounds like complete bullshit to me.
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