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Originally Posted by Wizard in Black 666 View Post
Thanks for the review!!! i'm either seeing high on fire tomorrow or Friday but either way it will be a great way to end the year with some heavy stoner metal

Great set but goddamn I hope we get Turk, and Blood From Zion, hell throw both of them in and just extend the set, but none the less I will the show a happy camper.

Damn Onior, too bad we didn't meet at the recent death angel show because I was there as well. I was actually going to PM you for a "Meet up", but unfortunately it was during that same exact week when the site crapped out on us for a week or so. Hopefully next time Amigo.
Oh dang, you were at the Death Angel show too? I would have loved to have chilled with you then dude! I'm back in LA in a couple weeks, I'm sure we'll be at a few of the same shows from then on.
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