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Summer Slaughter

Bill: Cannibal Corpse, Between the Buried and Me, The Faceless, Job for a Cowboy, Veil of Maya, Periphery, Goatwhore, Exhumed, the Contortionist, Cerebral Bore
Venue: The Palladium
City: Worcester, MA
Date: friday, August 10, 2012

Okay, just gonna do a super quick review of this, since it's an all day event.

The first band I saw was Exhumed. They were fucking awesome, my first time seeing them and they did not disappoint. This show got me even more into them, so I am glad I showed up just in time to catch them.

Next band was Goatwhore, and they bring it live. They sounded great, and got decent pits going throughout their set. I like them better live than I do on record.

After Goatwhore, I took a break, since I wasn't interested in the next few bands. I hung out upstairs for a bit, where there was a second stage with local bands playing. A few were not bad, but none blew me away. I watched a little of JFAC and Periphery, and they are just not my thing, but both seemed to be getting great responses from the crowd. I skipped VoM since I saw them with In Flames and wasn't a fan at all.

I did want to see The Faceless, since I had never seen them and have heard great things. Thye actually really surprised me. I think their albums are decent enough, but they sounded really good live. Not sure that I will become a big fan, but I definitely like them more than I did before their set.

BTBAM was next, and I wasn't sure what to expect. They are considered an amazing band by many, but I am not really into the super proggy stuff. But, when they started off, I was impressed. They sounded really good, they had a cool wall of lights on stage, and the songs were not bad at all. By the end of the set though, I was ready for them to be done. If they played for a half hour, I could have stayed interested the whole time. But, if you're a BTBAM fan, you want them playing much longer.

Cannibal Corpse closed the show, and they were the main reason I went to this. I had never seen these legends, and wanted to go all out for their set. As soon as they hit the stage, the pit was crazy. I spent a good amount of time in it, reopening my wounds from Mayhem the week before. So worth it though. CC delivered live, Corpsegrinder was windmilling and saying ridiculous things, and that's really all I could have asked for.
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