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Bill: Ghoul, Occultist, Ramming Speed, Razormaze
Venue: Great Scott
City: Cambridge, MA
Date: Tuesday, May 22, 2012

First honorable mention goes to the Ghoul show at Great Scott. Ghoul may not be my favorite band, but they play really fun thrash/death with horror themes.

The first band up was a local thrash band Razormaze. They are pretty decent, nothing too special but always okay to see as an opener for these types of shows.

Up next was Ramming Speed. This is my third time mentioning them in this thread, so I must like seeing them . Fun as always, the crowd had a decent response but nothing too crazy yet.

Occultist came on next, and they were a crusty death/thrash band. They were actually pretty good; I hadn't heard of them before they were announced to be on this show but I enjoyed their set.

Ghoul was the headliner, and it was obvious that just about everyone was there to see them. They had all sorts of crazy props on stage, suck as a Voodoo Doctor with a blood-squirting skull, the gut bucket, and a baby doll and chicken doll they cut the heads off of, spewing fake blood everywhere. They also had a fake cop come on stage telling everyone to stop moshing because of the ban in Boston . No Killbot though, the venue and stage are too small for it to even fit in there I think. Either way, super fun show, and the crowd went nuts for Ghoul.
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