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1. Morbid Angel

Bill: Morbid Angel, Dark Funeral, Grave, Vital Remains, VadimVon
Venue: The Palladium
City: Worcester, MA
Date: Saturday, September 29, 2012

So this is it! My number 1 show of the year, the concert event that topped all others! Seriously though, as much of a joke as Morbid Angel have become lately, they still put on a ridiculously badass show, and I just had so much fun all night. Full review and setlists by yours truly here.

The show was expected to start an hour after doors open, so I got there about 40 minutes after, expecting the first band would be starting not long after. But, in typical Palladium fashion, the show started early and I walked in as VadimVon were starting their last song. They sounded okay, not terrible but nothing to write home about.

Vital Remains were up next. They were added on to this show since this is basically the local date for them. Great addition to this lineup, and they were badass as always. My third time seeing them, and by far the biggest stage. The crowd was still pretty small at this point, but they got some movement out of the few people there.

Grave came on next, and as many people on this site know, they play awesome Swedish death metal. Great music to headbang to. They didn't really get many pits going, but everyone was headbanging along . So glad they were on this tour, and I would love to see a longer set from them.

Dark Funeral played after Grave, and they were the only black metal band onm this death metal lineup. Still, they weren't too out of place, and they were lots of fun to watch. They got some pretty decent pits going, and it was obvious a lot of people were there to see them. Although they may not be my favorite black metal band, they are far from one of my least favorites and I do enjoy them a lot.

Now it was time. One of the bands I have been wanting to see for a few years, and now they are finally about to hit the stage right in front of me. Excited would be a major understatement. The lights dimmed, and everyone started yelling. Once they came out and kicked into Immortal Rites, the place erupted. The pit stayed contant and pretty big the whole set. I spent time moshing and headbanging near the front, just taking in the songs that really got me into death metal. Although they are kind of a joke now, their old songs are still some of my favorite DM tracks of all time, and hearing them live was an experience i will not forget . I saw so many great shows this year, and it really was hard to rank them, but I felt this had to be number 1, it really was that amazing to me!
11/7 Mortuary Drape/Mgla

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