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Originally Posted by hinder5050 View Post
I dont think Big Show will be World Champ by time Wrestlemania come and further more i would rather see Ryback vs Zack Ryder really anybody would be better than Big Show he is so boring and so stupid anymore he just waisting my time and WWE fans time also you do Ryback vs Brock Lesnar to put Ryback over the top as a solitified Main eventer
If Brock was to face Ryback he'd probably have it in his contract that he wins. Brock is a prick and would only want to lose to established stars, Triple H, Undertaker, Cena, even Rock. And he's smart, so believe me he has it written in his contract. And if they changed the match the DAY OF Wrestlemania to Ryback winning Brock would have no problem walking out. So that's why I don't see it happening.
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