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Originally Posted by adamclark52 View Post
And Ryback vs. Lesnar, no I just can't see it happening. I like the idea a few pages back of Ryback facing Big Show for the World Heavyweight Championship. I don't buy Ryback as a main-eventer yet and that would serve as a solid mid-card or opening match that he can win a title in. And a loss at Wrestlemania is nothing for the Big Show.

Lesnar should face Triple H this year and Taker next year (lot's of build to their match, and why not have it at the biggest Wrestlemania in ten years; XXX)
I dont think Big Show will be World Champ by time Wrestlemania come and further more i would rather see Ryback vs Zack Ryder really anybody would be better than Big Show he is so boring and so stupid anymore he just waisting my time and WWE fans time also you do Ryback vs Brock Lesnar to put Ryback over the top as a solitified Main eventer
LETS GET IT ON- qoute from big john mcarthy ufc ref
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