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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
He's probably got a legends contract with them like a lot of the old guys do. That way they can get royalties from video game/DVD appeances, toys and whatever else.

The WWE legends contract is about as close as any of these guys will get to a retirement plan since wrestling doesn't have one. Flair would be smart to sign one of these to payoff all his ex-wives. I've also read he's owed the IRS a lot of money to. He probably still owes money to people from the original days in The Four Horsemen. Even with all he's accomplished in the wresting world, the dude has serious money issues.
I remember a funny story from about ten years ago that Ric Flair (who was still an active wrestler) was starting up a side venture as a financial planner or something. This was before people knew about all his money problems. Pretty funny in hindsight.
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