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Originally Posted by dcmetal108 View Post
Hell if we wanna talk about people oweing others I know Heyman still owes a lot of the old ECW crew a lot of money.

I remember hearing a interview with RVD saying that Heyman owed him over $10,000.
Yeah, I know that. I remember on The Rise And Fall Of ECW DVD Lance Storm talked about how his last three checks from Heyman bounced and that's why he left for WCW. I'm sure that's a big reason Tazz and the Dudley's left as well. The garunteed money that the WWF offered was just too much to pass up. At least you know a paycheck from Vince McMahon won't bounce.

I think most of the guys from ECW love Heyman too much to take him to court over the back wages though. Most of those guys would've been nothing in the wrestling buisness if Heyman didn't give them a chance. Plus, Heyman always had a handshake agreement with everyone in ECW and didn't have contracts with the talent as far as I know. It's probably hard for anyone who might have wanted to take him to court if they don't have the legal paperwork to go along with their claim.