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If they decide to keep the belt on Big Show until mania, Ryback taking the belt from him wouldn't be a bad idea. Have him squash Show in about five minutes which would put him over huge and the WWE would have a new star on their hands.

Random thoughts:

I'm really liking The Shield. The match they had at TLC was awesome. The ladder fall Rollins took was insane. I love all of Dean Ambrose's mannerisms, he gives off a real psycho vibe with everything he does. Reigns is doing good as the muscle of the group.

Del Rio as a face? I'm sorry but no. 3MB aren't over enough as heels so Del Rio won't get over as a face fueding with them. Now, if he saved Ricardo when he was getting beat down by The Shield, that may have worked.

Dolph Ziggler can talk? Where the fuck has this been the last three years? Last week on RAW he had a good opening promo and did good job on commentry as well. The promo he did at TLC was easliy the best of his career and he had passion, feeling and most importantly, he kept your attention and had you buy into what he was saying. He had a good exachnge with Vickey on RAW last night to. I've been saying that he would never reach main event because he hasn't been effective on the mic at all. If he keeps this up it looks like i'll have to eat my words.

I love AJ but enough already. We get it you're nuts, let's progress the character further instead of having her do the same damn thing she did this summer with Punk, Bryan and Kane.

Eve vs Kaitlyn was my favorite match on RAW because of how yummy they both are.

Miz TV sucks, please just stop.

Ric Flair returns to the WWE after being gone for a number of years and in the span of a half hour puts over six guys. If you want to count Punk and Cena then it's eight. Only a legend among legends can pull that off. From when he came out to present a slammy all the way through to the funny backstage segement with Bryan and Kane was just about the most entertaining block of TV the WWE has done all year.


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