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Originally Posted by TheWildAndTheYoung View Post
I have no problem with Christianity being in metal.The bible has a lot of cool story's,as people have already said.Just to let everybody know,I am a Christian.Even though I am ,my favorite bands are still Motley Crue,Poison,Helloween,etc.,because the lyrics really don't effect me.All that being said,it's unfortunate that most bands that are labeled "Christian Metal",are not good at all,besides Stryper and Skillet.I prefer bands that use Christianity as an inspiration,that have lyrics that have double meanings (Christian,Secular),but aren't labeled as a "Christian" band,like Switchfoot,Relient K,Anberlin,and U2,of course they are more rock then metal.
Is using spaces after commas and periods a sin too? Goddamn son.
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