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35. Wretched - Son of Perdition

The Wretched are a technical death metal band from California that I'm really surprised isn't getting more attention. I suppose it's because of the scattered breakdowns and deathcore influences throughout the album, but the amount of sweet melodic leads and technical riffs should make a fan of the genre pretty happy. I think this is one of the better newer bands of this genre.

Wretched - Repeat...The End is Near
Wretched - Dreams of Chaos

34. Ensiferum - Unsung Heroes

Most people were disappointed with this release from folk metal stalwarts Ensiferum, but I feel that while it's not up to par with their previous effort, From Afar, it still holds its own in their discography. This album seemed to be more melodic and featuring a prog influence (at least to my ear) which are both usually huge turn-offs for me, but in this case they work. Aside from Burning Leaves, the first song released the songs all remain interesting throughout. Although the seventeen minute epic Passion Proof Power can be tiring at times.

Ensiferum - In My Sword I Trust
Ensiferum - Last Breath

33. Abominable Putridity - The Anomalies of Artificial Origin

Russian band Abominable Putridity are back with a great slamming brutal death metal release that makes their previous effort pale in compaison. Even though last album had Big Chocolate () on vocals, it just came off as mediocre. On this release they recruited brutal death veteran Matti Way (ex-Disgorge, ex-Pathology) to grunt and gurgle and I guess he just let them know how to do slam properly. The songs seem to be more coherent then they were on their first album and the better production helps it come off as even more brutal.

Abominable Putridity - A Burial for the Abandoned
Abominable Putridity - Lack of Oxygen

32. Big Chocolate - Red Headed Locc

Big Chocolate is one of my favorite people in the music business and I pretty much love all of the stuff that he does from his brutal death metal projects to his electronic projects and everything in between. This album shows Big Chocolate going further away from his usual brostep approach to dubstep (although there still are plenty of filthy drops as the kids say) and exploring some other electronic sub-genres. If you don't like dubstep though, this is definitely not the album to change your mind.

Big Chocolate - Blue Milk
Big Chocolate - Locc City Allstar

31. Ufomammut - ORO: Opus Alter

I just listened to this out of the blue because I saw some people on the board talking about it. I'm not usually a huge fan of sludge and I guess that's what this release would be at heart even though it shows heavy influences from early psychedelic rock and doom, but this is some great shit. The guitar tone on here is really dirty sounding if that makes any sense and it works fantastically for the music. The bass is also very audible which is something that I enjoy a lot. I can't wait to see these guys at MDF next year. Also, I never got a chance to check out the other album Ufomammut released this year, so I have no idea how they stacked up against each other.

Ufomammut - Oroborus
Ufomammut - Deityrant
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