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2. Municipal Waste/Napalm Death

Bill: Municipal Waste, Napalm Death, Exhumed, Vektor
Venue: The Middle East (downstairs)
City: Cambridge, MA
Date: Monday, October 29, 2012

This show was everything I could ever want out of a metal show. Great venue, great crowd, great bands, and great performances by all of them. Plus it was two days before Halloween , and this was pretty much my celebration since I couldn't do anything that night. Full review and sets here.

So, this show was held on the day that my area was hit hardest by Hurricane Snady. Although we didn't get it as bad as further south, it was still crazy and not the best night to be out. Trees were down, roads were flooded, and there was rain and strong winds. Still, nothing was gonna stop me from getting to this show. I made sure it was still on, and made my way in, getting there just a little after doors opened.

The crowd was super thin when I got there. Vektor came on a bit after I got in, and I wasn;t sure what to expect. I had heard so many great things about them, especially on this site. But, I couldn't really get into what I had heard from them. They blew me away though, they sounded great live and they really do have a lot of cool parts in their songs . Still not a huge fan, but definitely more of a fan then before I saw them.

Exhumed was up next, and this was my second time seeing them. This was a much smaller venue than the first time though, so it was more intimate, which made them even better. I am a fan of them anyway, but seeing them live just brings their songs to another level! A sick performance by them, and they got decent pits going, even though they weren't continuous. I'm so glad they were on this tour, the perfect band to get me ready for MW and ND .

By this point, the room was filling up nicely. It never really filled up, but I'd say it probably got to about 3/4 full, which was pretty outstanding considering the weather and everything. Napalm Death are legends of their genre, and a band I needed to see. This was my first time, and it was all I could have hoped for. The band sounded terrific, the songs were super intense, and the crowd was going crazy the whole time. The pits were really rough. I know there were some mixed opinions on how Napalm Death played on this tour, but I thought they sounded just fine. They played for just under an hour, which was plenty for me. Simply put, ND were awesome. I was already wiped out, but I needed to stay for the next band.

Municipal Waste are such a fun band , and although I acknowledge ND are more legendary and probably deserved to headline the entire tour, the Waste brings a crowd and put on a wild performance. So, I wasn't upset we got one of the MW headlining sates. From the moment they started, I, along with the rest of the crowd, went absolutely nuts. Their music is perfect for a live setting, and it is so fun to mosh and headbang to . After being in the ND pit for almost all of their set, I managed to have enough energy to spend almost all of MW's set moshing. They played for an hour, and packed a bunch of songs I wanted to hear into their set. Another performance that was everything I could have hoped for and more . I hyped this show up in my head to ridiculous levels from the day it was announced to the night of, and I still had more fun than I expected to .
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