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3/28/12 - GWAR @ Cains Ballroom

This is easily the best support that I've got to see GWAR tour with in the 6 or 7x I've seen GWAR. Ghoul opened & I absolutely loved them, they did a good job & getting the crowd damp for GWAR later on. I was most excited for Municipal Waste. I hadn't seen them since they opened the LOG tour 4 years ago. Best band if the night for me. I'd love to see them headline in a smaller place than the 2 big places I've seen them before. GWAR was GWAR. I was right up against railing & I didn't get very drenched @ all. They seem like they are doing less w/ their blood than what I've seen in the past. Kind of a tough deal, I have the utmost respect they are/were carrying on as a 4 piece but they just didn't sound the same. But for a tragedy like this it's tough to complain much. Who'd have thought that the saddest/most emotional thing I'd see all year was at a GWAR show? Before they did Road Behind (which I hope permanently stays) they brought Corey's guitar out & kept a spotlight on before, during & after the band left the stage. One of those chilling/goosebump moments that I'll never forget.

5/27 - Foreigner
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7/23 - Kiss
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