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There are some great things this age has to offer,like music accessibility,quick and reliable band info,etc.,but some great things of the 70s and 80s have been lost.For one thing,I would like for more people these days to get into buying the "whole" album rather then just buying the latest single,because now you have people who say their "fans" of artists,but only know one or two songs by them.I would like for 70s-80s sounding rock and metal to make a comeback to rock radio (and maybe even top 40 radio),because It would be awesome if more of my friends like the bands I liked,but that's just my opinion.Of course I would also like to have concerts go back to being cheaper so I can go see them more often,but with today's industry I'm afraid that won't happen.One very positive thing I like is that I see lots of kids around my age(I'm 14),and younger,going to concerts I go to,unfortunately my friends aren't included though.Another really cool thing is that when I go to a concert like Def Leppard,Poison,or Motley Crue,I feel as if I'm transported back to the 80s. On a side note,I would have loved to see bands like Van Halen and Aerosmith in there glory days.
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