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Pig Destroyer -- Miami, FL -- December 15th, 2012


ENCORE: ALEXANDRIA (Not on the setlist)

Damn man, this was probably one of the most intense sets I've seen a band play. I secured my safe spot in front of a pillar in front of the stage to protect myself from the surge of stage divers that would soon follow. I also got to chat a bit with Hayes before hand, complementing him on his Acid Bath shirt and talking about the new album. One of the nicest guys I've talked to as well, which really contrasted to his pissed off stage personality he puts on.

The band got on around 1 in the morning and played until 2, about a full hour of non-stop brutal grind. From the moment they started everyone lost their minds, people flying everywhere and going as nuts as possible. Since I was in the front I missed the pits, but from what my friends told me, it was violent. The band them selves were on point and heavy as fuck. Hayes looked pissed off as fuck on stage and would scream every song with just as much intensity, if not more so than on record. It was beautiful and they lived up to all the expectations I had of them. This is just one band you need to see live, cause they kill it. The new songs sounded awesome live, if not they were probably my favorite to hear.

There really isn't much to say about the show and I'm tired so I'll keep it short. They were fucking awesome, sweet set (though I was hoping for some more new stuff), and they just sounded awesome. If you have a chance to see them, do it, you won't be disappointed.
Here's the whole show:

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