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Originally Posted by WOLVERINEKILLS View Post
On a related note, I saw Danzig right before Blackacidevil was released. He was main support for Ozzy, I think it was 96. Half of the crowd had bought the Blackacidevil tour shirt, thinking Blackacidevil would have the dark, bluesy hard rock sound the previous albums instead of being a NIN wannabe disaster. He played 3 songs from that album during his set. Talk about some disgruntled folks. The only thing worse was when the album was released. I think Danzig lost half of his fan base he had built up from the Mother single when he released that album. It had a few cool tunes on it, Ashes and the Hand of Doom cover featuring Jerry Cantrell and Come To Silver. The rest of it was not very good.
I saw that tour in 1996 to. That was the very first Ozzfest actually. At first it was just Ozzy playing arneas with a couple good support bands before it grew into what it became in the early 2000s. At the show I went to my brother and I were among the many pissed at the way the new stuff sounded. I remember Danzig opening the set with Mother, Snakes Of Christ and Until You Call On The Dark. He got the crowd going so good with the first few songs, but then as he's introducing the next song off his new album we hear some NIN style beat coming from the speakers. After he finished that song, it was truely one of the most "what the fuck" moments i've ever seen from an audience at a live show. He played one or two others from the album and nobody knew what to make of it. They were really trying to sell the new album to, with little flyers being placed on everyone's seat before they let the crowd in. No amount a marketing was gonna save what was one of the biggest career suicide moves of all time. I don't know what he was thinking with Blackacidevil but it was one of the worst musical career changes i've ever heard.

You're right he did lose half his fanbase with that album. In fact I was so disappointed with it that I didn't try anything new from him again until his last album came out. With that album and Circle Of Snakes, Danzig has finally got back on track. Satan's Child and I Luciferi aren't that good either, so at least I didn't miss much there.

As for the poll, Lucifuge is my favorite album. Long Way Back From Hell, Snakes Of Christ, Killer Wolf, Tired Of Being Alive, Her Black Wings, Devil's Plaything and Blood And Tears are all top notch, unbeatable songs.
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