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Originally Posted by John The Drummer View Post
sooooo... after reading the results of mitb.....yeah.... nothing overly exciting. and since when was the mitb briefcase only good for the world heavyweight championship? way to give away who ziggler is going to cash it in on.
There's two MITB contracts. One for the WWE title and one for the World Heavyweight Championship. They've been doing that for the last couple years now. Cena already cashed in his WWE title contract against Punk this summer at RAW 1000 and lost. Cena was the first person to ever cash in and lose. The mystery isn't what championship Ziggler will go for, it's when will he be cashing it in? Cena tipped his hand when he told everyone the week before RAW 1000 that he was cashing it in then. Which I think is stupid since the whole thing should bring about some intrique as to when it will be cashed in.

It would be cool if they had the briefcase holder always out at ringside whenever the world champ is in action. It would create some excitment and get the crowd buzzing about weather or not he's cashing it in. Just have him come out and do commentary, walk around the ring or hang out on the entrance ramp during the champs matches. Really drive home the point that this can be cashed in at any moment which is something I don't think they put over enough.