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D.I. -- Fullerton, CA -- December 16th, 2012

Source: Me
Venue: Slidebar

Yes, after all these months, I finally made my triumphant return to the Slidebar. I heard about this show a month ago, but wasn't sure if I was going to make it. I had planned on seeing The Hobbit tonight, so I figured I'd miss the show. Well my shitty week got even shittier today, so no Hobbit for me. Around 8, I found out my night was non existent anymore, so I figured I would either be at home doing nothing or I could see D.I. for free. I hit up one of my friends, who I had talked to about the show, earlier in the day and never heard from him. I then hit up a few friends and it seemed liked no one was down to go with me. One of my friends got back to me, so I went and bought 5 cans of food for the food drive and got the the Slidebar around 9:30.

Love Canal went on right when I got the the Slidebar. I had been meaning to check them out for about 2 years now, but kept forgetting to look into them. I'm now a fan after tonight. Anyone who likes the OC punk scene should check these guys out!! I must see them again! Naked Aggression was on next. I'm not a big fan of them, so I don't know what they played either. Some of their riffs were really awesome, but I can't get into them for some reason, oh well. D.I. went on around 11:20 and played for 50 minutes. It was seriously the best D.I. set I have seen so far. I could hear the band perfectly and everyone was going apeshit inside the bar. The pit was like a slip n slide after all the beer that was spilled on the ground.
I was extremely happy when they played Colors and Blood!! That song got me into them and I have been waiting over 8 years to see it live. I never expected to ever hear it, but it was played!! My life is seriously complete! Out of every band I've seen live and all the songs I've wanted to hear live, Colors and Blood was number one on my list of songs I wanted to sing along to, and I finally got it. I'm never going to forget tonight here's the setlist for D.I.

On the Western Front
Imminent War
Hang Ten in East Berlin
Falling Out
Amoeba(Adolescents cover)
Johnny's Got a Problem
Stick to Your Guns
Colors and Blood
Reagan Der Fuhrer
Richard Hung Himself
Youth of Asia
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