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3. Ramming Speed/Speedwolf

Bill: Ramming Speed, Speedwolf, Ancient Filth, Led to the Grave
Venue: What We Talk About
City: Allston, MA
Date: Friday, March 30, 2012

This show was awesome for a few different reasons. First and foremost, the lineup was sick, all the bands killed it. Second, the crowd was wild and the place went crazy for all the bands. Third, this was my first show at a DIY venue, which was pretty cool .

I saw the flyer for the show, and figured it would be cool to go for Ramming Speed. Then I listened to Speedwolf. They are an awesome band, and I knew I HAD to be at this. So, I found out the address and showed up that night. The venue was in a loft space, and it was a pretty small room with no stage. It had a total DIY punk feel . I thought I would be pretty uncomfortable since I wasn't used to the whole basement/DIY scene, but it was a pretty welcoming environment and I blended right in. People were smoking cigarettes and some other stuff inside the place all night, and there were cases of beer all over. So, safe to say most people in the place were pretty wasted, and the room reeked of smoke haha. I stuck to Monster though, cause I had to drive.

The first band up was Led to the Grave, a local thrash band. They are pretty decent, I hadn't really listened to them much before the show so I wasn't too familiar with their material. They were fun though, and a good band to start off the metal/punk extravaganza.

Ancient Filth played next, and they are a local hardcore punk band who were pretty awesome. The entire set was intense, and they got the crowd going. Good band, great set, another band I checked out more after the show.

Speedwolf was the only touring act on the lineup, but they played second to last. The crowd had grown pretty large by this point, and the whole room was packed with punks and metalheads ready to go nuts. From the time Speedwolf started to when they finished their last song (Denver 666 ), there was constant pit action, crowdsurfing, headbanging, drinking, and everything else that should go along with their music. So crazy, I was still standing off to the side at during their set, but they sounded awesome and their music just has so much energy. They said that was the best crowd they had seen on their tour, and I can believe it. It was so awesome to see all of the people that came out and went all out.

Ramming Speed came on last, and they are a local crossover band that has a pretty good fanbase in Boston. Every time I've seen them has had a good crowd, but nothing compared to this. The entire room erupted once again when they stared, and the energy never let up till the very end. The combination of alcohol and loud, fast music just made everyone go crazy. Ramming Speed played well as always, and I was finally able to jump into the pit for the last few songs. Totally ridiculous show, and even my bro had a great time, despite the fact that he didn't really want to go that much. I'll never see a show here again, since the police shut it down recently , but I am so glad I made it out to this show!
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