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Originally Posted by BloodoftheKings View Post
The first 3 are all really close. I went with III.
Imo you really can't go wrong with the first 3. I like 4 too. I think DRS is almost as good as the first 3. The production and mix just kills it for me. Several of the songs are very good.

On a related note, I saw Danzig right before Blackacidevil was released. He was main support for Ozzy, I think it was 96. Half of the crowd had bought the Blackacidevil tour shirt, thinking Blackacidevil would have the dark, bluesy hard rock sound the previous albums instead of being a NIN wannabe disaster. He played 3 songs from that album during his set. Talk about some disgruntled folks. The only thing worse was when the album was released. I think Danzig lost half of his fan base he had built up from the Mother single when he released that album. It had a few cool tunes on it, Ashes and the Hand of Doom cover featuring Jerry Cantrell and Come To Silver. The rest of it was not very good.

I will say that if you haven't seen Danzig with Tommy Victor on guitar, Johnny Kelly on drums and Steve from Samhain on bass, you should do so. They play the older songs better than the original Danzig line up did which is no small feat.
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